Community College de Santiago (Chile)

Community College de Santiago (CCS), established in 2010, is a novel institution patterned after the US community college model. CCS is a division of the Universidad Central de Chile (UCC). It offers two-year technical degrees in cooperation with LaGuardia Community College in New York. Each program provides an established articulation route towards full degree programs at UCC as well as transfer opportunities at LaGuardia. 

Community College de Santiago (Universidad Central de Chile) Program Universidad Central de Chile articulated degree program

Técnico Nivel Superior en Administración y Seguridad de Redes

(Higher Level Technician in Network Administration and Security)

Ingeniería en Computación

(Computer Engineering)

Técnico Nivel Superior en Construcción

(Higher Level Technician in Construction)

Ingeniería en Construcción

(Construction Engineering)

Técnico Nivel Superior en Telecomunicaciones

(Higher Level Technician in Telecommunications)

Ingeniería en Computación

(Computer Engineering)

Técnico Nivel Superior en Gestión Organizacional

(Higher Level Technician in Organizational Management)

Ingeniería en Civil Industrial

(Industrial Engineering)

Técnico Nivel Superior en Contabilidad General

(Higher level Technician in General Accounting)

Contador Auditor

(Accountant Auditor)

Técnico Nivel Superior en Programación

(Higher Level Technician in Programming)

Ingeniería en Computación

(Computer Engineering)

Admission to the technical programs is based on completed senior secondary education, the Licencia de enseñanza  media.



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