Secondary School Grading Practices in Lithuania

Secondary school subjects in Lithuania are graded on a standard 10-point scale which where 10 represents the highest passing score and 4 represents the lowest passing score.

Grade Descriptor EnglishTranslation
10-point Grading Scale
10 puikiai excellent
9 labai gerai very good
8 gerai good
7 pakankamai gerai good enough
6 patenkinamai satisfactory
5 pakankamai patenkinamai satisfactory enough
4 silpinai weak
3 blogai bad
2 labai blogai very bad
1 nieko neatsake, neatliko uzduoties nothing answered, task was not completed


Students sitting final state examinations in selected subjects are awarded the official Brandos Attestatas (Maturity Certificate). The state examination results are reported on a 100-point scale.

Grade        Description
100-point scale
50 - 100

Pass with Honors.

This range corresponds to grades 9-10 on the 10-point scale. Student receives the Maturity Certificate with Honors when all examination scores are within this range.

1 - 49


 There are no grade equivalents available on the 10-point scale.

0 Fail




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