IEM Spotlight Fall Issue Available

The 2019 fall issue of the NAFSA online IEM Spotlight newsletter is now out! This edition focuses on Francophone educational systems around the world, including those of Morocco, Quebec, and the Francophone African countries.  To access, log in as a NAFS

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Selected private institutions receive accreditation (Morocco)

In February 2016, 30 private higher education institutions submitted applications for accreditation. 10 of these institutions were rejected as they did not meet the required 400-student enrollment minimum.  In May 2017, the Ministry of National Education

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15 New Polytechnics to be Established in Morocco

Th Government Council meeting of 30 June 2016 has brought a number of changes to the Moroccan higher education area. One of the decrees addresses the issue of expanding educational opportunities by creating new educational establishments and programs. Wi

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Moroccan Teacher’s Training Center Diploma Evolution

In Morocco, Teacher Training Centers prepare teachers for the First Cycle of Basic Education (grades 1-5 before 1985, extended to grades 1-6 after 1991). Admission to the program prior to 1980 was based on incomplete secondary education, while since 1980

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Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions in Morocco

Moroccan higher education institutions (HEIs) include two types of institutions: recognized degree-granting institutions and private "authorized" institutions which need special prior authorization to function from the Ministère de l’enseignement supérie

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