Expansion of Secondary Education in the Philippines: Senior High School

For many years primary and secondary education in the Philippines was a total of 10 years (primary grades 1-6, secondary grades 7-10). When students completed grade 10 they received a diploma (Katunayan or Katibayan in Filipino) issued by the secondary s

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Kazakhstan to introduce 12-year primary-secondary school system

According to the "One Hundred Steps on Five Institutional Reforms" developed by the Ministry of Education and Science, primary and secondary education in Kazakhstan is transitioning towards a 12-year system.  Along with the extra year of school education

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Secondary school system and grading practices in Argentina set by provincial regulations

Secondary education in Argentina is decentralized with the provinces.  The different provinces can structure their primary-secondary education system as 7+5 (pre-1996 Reform) or 6+6 (according to the 1996 Reform). In fact, the reform was not implemented

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New 12th grade School Leaving Certificate Examination to be administered this Spring (Nepal)

Following the 8th Amendment to the Education Act of 1972, the new system of school education was extended from 10 years to 12 years, thereby replacing the existing examination bodies and examinations with new structures. The new School Leaving Certificat

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Vietnamese Qualifications Framework Introduced

The Vietnamese Qualifications Framework was issued in October 2016. It comprises of eight levels: Level 1 – Elementary 1 Level 2 – Elementary 2 Level 3 – Elementary 3 Level 4 – Intermediate Level 5 – College Level 6 – Bachelor Level 7 – Master Level 8 –

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