What You Need to Know About Chinese Minority Students

As international credential evaluators or international admission officers, I know you regularly work with documents submitted by Chinese students. But do you know the ethnic background of these Chinese students? Do you know that the transcript from a mi

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Documentation Requirements: Do you know what to ask for?

I have traveled the world to deliver credential evaluation workshops to different types of clients. Over the years, I have noticed that one of the most common issues amongst credential evaluators is the question of documentation requirements. If you are

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Tips for Verifying Educational Documents

Foreign credential evaluation is a process which involves a number of different steps: These are the key elements of the evaluation process. Before we reach our conclusion, we need to review the documentation. First priority is to establish whether the d

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What’s in a (Credential) Name?

If you had no background in credential evaluation, what would you think if someone showed you a diploma from another country that indicated a bachelor’s degree from a college? Would you automatically assume they had attended a post-secondary school? If y

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Government invests in blockchain technology for academic documents (Malta)

Maltese Ministry of Education and Employment has signed an agreement with blockchain startup Learning Machine Technologies  to develop a platform for secure storage and distribution of academic documents. 

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