Online Verification: National Research University "Higher School of Economics" (Russia)

The National Research University "Higher School of Economics", located in Moscow, Russia, has started issuing custom diplomas to all graduates in 2020. These diplomas can be verified electronically by scanning the QR code in the lower left-hand corner of

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What's the difference between translation, evaluation, and verification?

It is not unusual for a prospective applicant to ask a credential evaluator to “translate” their credentials. What they mean is really to “evaluate” the credential, though the confusion between the two concepts is quite understandable. First, the applica

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Ministry of Education and Science creates Open Data Portal (Ukraine)

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has started an Open Data Portal with links to public data relating to education and science in Ukraine. Some of the available data includes lists of educational institutions at all levels, information on o

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Procedure for reissuing higher education documents (Ukraine)

The following link from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine describes the steps for Ukrainian students to get duplicates issued of their higher education documents. It includes instructions for students who studied in Crimea or Eastern Ukrai

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Standard transliteration system for Ukrainian names

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has published a standardized system for transliterating Ukrainian names for people or places from their Cyrillic-based alphabet to the Latin alphabet. This system has not changed much over the years. In previous versio

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