ASCAL replaces APAAL as the higher education quality assurance authority in Albania

The previous higher education quality assurance recognition authority in Albania, Agjencia Publike e Akreditimit të Arsimit të Lartë (APAAL), was reorganized and has since been replaced by Agjencia e Sigurimit të Cilësisë në Arsimin e Lartë (ASCAL) per M

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Dual Italian/Albanian Degrees Offered by Universiteti Katolik "Zoja e Keshilit te Mire"

Universiteti Katolik "Zoja e Keshilit te Mire" (UKZKM) (Catholic University "Our Lady of Good Council") in Tirana, Albania, is a private institution established in 2004 and first accrredited by the Albanian Public Agency for Accreditation of Higher Educa

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Publications: Journal of the European Higher Education Area (2012)

"Journal of the European Higher Education Area: Policy, Practice and Institutional Engagement" [Dr. Josef Raabe Verlags-GmbH, Berlin, Stuttgart. Raabe academic publishers. ISBN 978-3-8183-0564-2. ISSN 2192-0109. 2nd Volume. 2012]: Quarterly, 133 pp. This

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Akademia e Edukimit Fizik dhe Sporteve “Vojo Kushi” Renamed (Albania)

The institution was created on 28 September 1960 as Instituti i Fiskulturës “Vojo Kushi”. In 1970, it was renamed Instituti i Lartë i Kulturës Fizike “Vojo Kushi”. On 25 May 2000, it was renamed Akademia e Edukimit Fizik dhe Sporteve “Vojo Kushi”. On 17

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Albanian Recognition of Pre-Bologna System Diplomas

Per Article 89 of the Law on Higher Education in the Republic of Albania (Nr. 9741, 05.21.2007; amended by Nr. 9832, 11.12.2007, and Nr. 10307, 7.22.2010 ) a traditional Diploma (Diplomë) awarded upon completion of a university program of at least 8 seme

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