Online Verification: National Research University "Higher School of Economics" (Russia)

The National Research University "Higher School of Economics", located in Moscow, Russia, has started issuing custom diplomas to all graduates in 2020. These diplomas can be verified electronically by scanning the QR code in the lower left-hand corner of

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Online Verification: Information Center service in Kazakhstan

IAC Information Center verification service is available for higher, technical and vocational diplomas.  There are two versions of the verification: basic and advanced. Only the basic version seems to be active right now. Basic: Individual Identification

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Online Verification: Sistema de Trámites de Títulos Profesionales in Bolivia

Sistema de Trámites de Títulos Profesionales is a central database of professional titles in Bolivia. Registered titles can be found by following these steps: go to enter the C.I.N. number (7 digits) enter the Date o

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Online Verification: Lists of Graduates for Philadelphia University (Jordan)

Philadelphia University, Jordan, has lists of graduates dating back to 1994 at  Search by year, then by faculty. The site is in Arabic, but can be translated using Google Chrome.

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Online Verification: James Cook University (Australia)

James Cook University in Australia offers online award verification at This system only verifies qualifications for students who started from 2011 on and have graduated. You will need to i

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