Al-Jabal El-Gharbi University split (Libya)

In 2017, Al-Jabal El-Gharbi University (also called Al Jabal Al-Gharbi University or University of the Western Mountain; جامعة الجبل الغربي  in Arabic) split into two separate institutions, based on faculties located in different cities. The two institut

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Al-Jabal El-Gharbi Merger and Division (Libya)

Seventh of April University (  جامعة السابع من أبريل ) and Al-Jabal El-Gharbi University (  جامعة الجبل الغربي ) merged in mid-2010 to form one university called Al-Jabal El-Gharbi University. In late 2011, the newly merged Al-Jabal El-Gharbi University

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Academy of Graduate Studies Renamed (Libya)

The Academy of Graduate Studies, a recognized post-secondary institution in Libya, was renamed The Libyan Academy in 2012.

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Al-Tahadi University Renamed (Libya)

Al-Tahadi University, a public university in Libya, was renamed Sirt (or Sirte) University in 2010. It was originally established as an independent public university in 1992.

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Misurata University Formed from Merger (Libya)

Elmergib University (or Almerghab University) and Seventh of October University merged in 2010 to form Misurata University, a public university in Libya.

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