Disruption of higher education in Yemen

In the on-going conflict in Yemen, Houthi forces have disrupted higher education by interfering with curriculum, staffing, and campus life at Yemeni universities. They have replace numerous board members, faculty, and staff with Houthi loyalists, and hav

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Confirmed Falsified Document (Yemen)

Reason sent for verification: Irregular format.

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Online Verification: Secondary School Examination Results (Yemen)

From 2010-11 school year to present, the Secondary School Final Examination Result (also known as the General Secondary Graduation Transcript) can be verified online through the Ministry of Education website. Although there were some difficulties in usin

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Classes Suspended in Yemen

Since 26 March 2015, universities have been shut down amid air strikes. Classes are suspended at all Yemeni universities, and  the Ministry of Education decided to end the school year for all schools in the first week of April. The Ministries remain open

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University of Science and Technology (Yemen) Establishes Independent Colleges

University of Science and Technology (UST)  was established in 1994 as the first private university in Yemen, based on the pre-existing National College of Science and Technology established in 1992. A member of the Association of Arab Universities, toda

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