What's trending in online verification?

An unfortunate reality of credential evaluation is that we regularly find ourselves at the mercy of circumstance. This has been magnified over the past year or so, as educational institutions across the world have been paralyzed by the pandemic. Temporar

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More Sample Documents Available on the ECE® Connection Advantage

The number of available Sample Documents keeps growing! Documents from the following countries were recently added to the ECE® Connection Advantage: Saudi Arabia Australia Cuba Egypt Nigeria Afghanistan Bahamas Benin Malaysia Bosnia & Herzegovina Sweden

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Online Verification: Updated link for Russian federal diploma database

The federal register for diplomas for secondary professional education and higher education in Russia can now be accessed at this site: http://obrnadzor.gov.ru/gosudarstvennye-uslugi-i-funkczii/7701537808-gosfunction/formirovanie-i-vedenie-federalnogo-re

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TAICEP's 2021 The Digital Docs Provider Fair is happening this March!

For further information on registration see the Digital Docs Provider Fair post.

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Digital Docs Provider Fair

The TAICEP Digital Student Data Task Force is inviting digital and electronic document providers and verifiers to participate in a virtual event that will take place in early March 2021. We will be hosting the first ever Digital Docs Provider Fair. This

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