Online Verification: Ministerio de Educación (Peru)

Verify non-university titles and degrees on the Ministerio de Educación (MINEDU) website: The student's DNI (National ID) is required for verification. See Online Verification of Peruvian University Titles and Deg

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Signature Verification for Academic Documents (Peru)

In addition to the online verification of university titles and degrees described in this post, the Peruvian Superintendencia Nacional de Educación Superior Universitaria (SUNEDU) also provides signature verification for university titles and degrees, tr

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Online Verification of Peruvian University Titles and Degrees

Online Verification of Degrees and Titles is available at the Superintendencia Nacional deEducación Superior Universitaria website. In order to perform the verification, you will need the paternal, maternal, and first name(s). On the SUNEDU website, go t

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Online Verification: Verification Databases in Latin America

There are three functional online verification databases available for degree verification within Latin America: in Guatemala, Peru, and Ecuador. Within about a year, Colombia is expected to launch a database of secondary school qualifications, due to hi

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Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER) Network

Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER) (Ibero-American University Foundation), established in 1997 in Barcelona (Spain), is a private inter-university network facilitating online masters degree programs and courses. FUNIBER also promotes corpor

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