Ulaanbaatar University and Institute of Commerce and Business Mergers with the National University of Mongolia

In 2010, the Ulaanbataar University and the Institute of Commerce and Business merged with the National University of Mongolia (NUM).   NUM was established in 1942. In 1969, the Polytechnic Institute was separated from the University and became the Mongo

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Health Sciences University of Mongolia Renamed

Established in 1961 as an institute, the Health Sciences University of Mongolia was renamed Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences in 2014. 1961, the Faculty of Medicine separated from Mongolian State University to form the Medical Institute o

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Unrecognized Institution: "Eco-Asia" Institute of Environmental Management (Mongolia)

"Eco-Asia" Institute of Environmental Management is licensed to operate by the National Council for Educational Accreditation of Mongolia. To date, however, it has not been accredited by the said Council.

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National Academy of Governance (Mongolia)

National Academy of Governance (also known as Academy of Management), a government-supported institution of higher education, was established in 1924. In 2012, it received accreditation from the National Council for Education Accreditation of Mongolia.

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Online Verification of National University of Mongolia Diplomas

National University of Mongolia provides online verification of diplomas at http://www.num.edu.mn/checkdiploma.htm. Required input information is the diploma number. NUM also provides a list of graduates dating back to 1946 (see http://www.num.edu.mn/con

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