Private Higher Education Institutions in Zambia under New Regulations

Since 1999, Zambian higher education law has permitted the creation of private universities. These new institutions were required to be registered with the Ministry of Education. Since 2013 the Higher Education Authority is the new body providing oversig

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Digital Technology to Improve Student Identification for Online Exams

The European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA), in cooperation with several institutions worldwide,  has embarked on a project aimed at developing technology that will facilitate student authentication for online exam systems.

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Accrediting and Assessment Bureau for Post-Secondary Schools Recognition Withdrawn (England)

Accrediting and Assessment Bureau for Post-Secondary Schools, a new awarding and accrediting organization in England offered business and English-related programs that were regulated by OfQual. As of 22 July 2014, the OfQual recognition of AABPS qualific

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Update: Institutions in India to Lose “Deemed to be a University” Status

On 19 January 2010 the Ministry of Human Resource Development announced that 44 institutions that had been designated as “deemed to be a university” did not meet required standards and would lose that status. They would be permitted to affiliate with a s

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Institutional Recognition in Romania

The current system of quality assurance in Romanian higher education is based on Law nr. 88 "concerning the accreditation of higher education institutions and the acknowledgment of diplomas" which was promulgated by the Parliament of Romania on December

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