Medical program in English opened at University of Parma (Italy)

The Università di Parma launched a "Medicine and Surgery" laurea magistrale program delivered entirely in English. This single-cycle six-year program is designed with an international perspective to provide access to professional activity and further edu

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ECE evaluator goes to Italy

Last August, Serena Spitalieri of Italy’s Centro Informazioni Mobilità Equivalenze Accademiche (CIMEA) office spent three weeks at ECE, and in return, CIMEA graciously extended an invitation for us to send an evaluator to Rome for a reciprocal training p

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Additional countries closing schools due to coronavirus

Schools and universities in Italy have been closed for over a week in an attempt to contain the coronavirus outbreak. Other countries that have followed suit include Bolivia, France, Ireland, the Philippines, Portugal, and Spain. Some states in Germany,

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CIMEA Credential Evaluator spends three weeks with ECE and shares her experience

In August Serena Spitalieri from Centro Informazioni Mobilità Equivalenze Accademiche (CIMEA) in Italy came to our office in Milwaukee for three weeks of credential evaluation training. We asked her to share her experience. A mobility experience in crede

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European School of Economics (ESE) changing partnerships

In England, ESE has had the formal status of being a "Listed Body" since at least 2011. Prior to 2015, ESE had partnered with the University of Buckingham to award the final degrees. It appears that in early 2015, the partnership was dissolved by the Uni

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