On Jim Frey and his legacy: A 40th anniversary Frey Day tribute

Giving thanks! At ECE, we have our own special holiday. Every year we celebrate Frey Day, a day off on the Friday following Thanksgiving. The day honors the legacy of our founder, Jim Frey. He created a company that continues to grow and succeed decades

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ECE celebrates 40 years!

The Beginnings In the early hours of a November morning in 1980, Jim Frey woke up with change on his mind. The world was changing, and his work life was changing too. It was time for a new path for international admissions and credential evaluation.  Jim

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The education of women

My aunt Fae, who recently turned 97, is one of my heroes (or more accurately…heroines!). She's been a role model and inspiration to me. She lived in Somalia from 1955 to around 1980, and Sudan from 1980 through 1990 or so. She and my Mom (who is 91) went

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Our best advice for verifying credentials

We’ve written several blogs about our recommendations for verification. As we end this series, we’ve rounded up our best tips and tricks with the mnemonic “VERIFIED":                                                                    Verify document onli

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How to send a verification letter

In previous posts, we’ve mentioned that it is best to contact the issuing institution for verification if you have doubts about a document. In some countries, this process is relatively simple and quick. In other countries, however, there may be some cha

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