CIMEA Credential Evaluator spends three weeks with ECE and shares her experience

In August Serena Spitalieri from Centro Informazioni Mobilità Equivalenze Accademiche (CIMEA) in Italy came to our office in Milwaukee for three weeks of credential evaluation training.  We asked her to share her experience.   A mobility experience in cr

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Using QR Codes for Document Verification

Advances in technology have produced a variety of new tools for confirming authenticity, but they are not foolproof. One such tool that has gained popularity in educational documents is the use of QR codes to confirm or check if a credential is legitimat

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Expansion of Secondary Education in the Philippines: Senior High School

For many years primary and secondary education in the Philippines was a total of 10 years (primary grades 1-6, secondary grades 7-10). When students completed grade 10 they received a diploma (Katunayan or Katibayan in Filipino) issued by the secondary s

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All those sample international education documents…

What do you do with the international education credentials you have evaluated?  Keep them as a resource?  Throw them out? Have new data security and privacy requirements changed the way you think about documents? Is it important to have an archive of in

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The AACRAO Cuba Project in 2019 Part 7: Conclusion

I love sharing about Cuba, so I hope you, my reader friend, learned a few new things, even if they weren’t about the educational system of Cuba. Please understand any of the political views here are my own and do not reflect the views or policies at ECE.

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