Harmony or Discord? Common Challenges in Evaluating International Music Education

In the field of applied comparative education, credentials offered by conservatories of music can present unique challenges to credential evaluators. Basic steps in the evaluation process, such as determining academic recognition, educational level, or d

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“You shall not . . . Pass!”, or How to Figure Out What the Pass Grade Means

Finding grade equivalents from a diversity of different grading systems is a big challenge for the credential evaluator. From scales using points, ranges, letters, different combinations of letters, marks, word descriptors, or even geometric symbols, ana

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Attending IECHE in Saudi Arabia

On April 10-13 students and educators gathered in Riyadh to explore international education opportunities and examine developments in education in Saudi Arabia and beyond at The International Exhibition and Conference on Higher Education (IECHE). As IECH

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Credential Evaluation Tips for Chinese Grading Scales

As a credential evaluator, when I am working on a transcript, looking for the grading scale information is always one of the first things I do. Applying the correct grading scale is an essential part of credential evaluation, as the grading scale used fo

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An Introvert’s Guide to Navigating International Higher Ed Conferences

I’m definitely an introvert.  I’m not painfully shy, and I’ve even been in situations where I genuinely enjoyed getting to know strangers (I never expected to have so much fun while networking in my latest job searches), but given the choice to attend a

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