New marking system at Schola Europaea Schools in Europe

The Schola Europaea Schools in Europe who teach the European Baccalaureate curriculum are now following a new assessment scale based on a decimal system with attainment descriptors and letter grades. The new marking system will come into force in three s

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Online Verification: KU Leuven (Belgium)

A new online verification service is available since 2016 for KU Leuven graduates. Academic transcripts contain a 32-character alpha-numeric code which can be used to verify the student record online. The code can be either entered manually or auto-gener

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Digital Technology to Improve Student Identification for Online Exams

The European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA), in cooperation with several institutions worldwide,  has embarked on a project aimed at developing technology that will facilitate student authentication for online exam systems.

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European University: Which one?

There are at least five independent universities in Europe that all contain the same name.  Four of them are properly recognized by degree granting authorities in the host countries. These include: European University at St. Petersburg in Russia: http://

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International School of Protocol and Diplomacy (Belgium) Unrecognized

International School of Protocol and Diplomacy, a private institution located in Brussels, is not a recognized degree-granting institution in Belgium.

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