MOOCs, SPOCs, Badges, and Blockchains: Highlights from EAIE 2018

The European Association for International Education (EAIE) Conference was held in Geneva, Switzerland from September 11-14. Our Senior Director of Evaluations, Margaret Wenger, attended and we asked her to tell us about the conference. MOOCs and SPOCs T

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What’s new in international admissions at EAIE?

The European Association for International Education (EAIE) conference is the premier international education event for Europe. This year from September 11-14th over 5,700 attendees from 95 countries converged on Geneva to celebrate 30 years of meeting t

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New marking system at Schola Europaea Schools in Europe

The Schola Europaea Schools in Europe who teach the European Baccalaureate curriculum are now following a new assessment scale based on a decimal system with attainment descriptors and letter grades. The new marking system will come into force in three s

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Poland's Primary and Secondary Schools Returning to 8 + 4 Structure

Ministry of National Education of Poland announced the return to the 8-year elementary school and a 4-year secondary school. The new (old) system is to be implemented in 2017. Prior to 1999, the Polish school system consisted of an 8-year elementary scho

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European University: Which one?

There are at least five independent universities in Europe that all contain the same name. Four of them are properly recognized by degree granting authorities in the host countries. These include: European University at St. Petersburg in Russia: http://e

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