Yukon College to become University (Canada)

Yukon College, located in Yukon territory of Canada, is set to become a university in May 2020. The new name of the institution will be Yukon University; it will be the first university in Canada's territories. The institution plans to focus on studies r

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IEM Spotlight Fall Issue Available

The 2019 fall issue of the NAFSA online IEM Spotlight newsletter is now out! This edition focuses on Francophone educational systems around the world, including those of Morocco, Quebec, and the Francophone African countries.  To access, log in as a NAFS

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Thoughts from the CONAHEC conference

I arrived at the University of Regina Kīšik Towers under cover of night.  It was late and I had traveled for many hours; I hardly glanced out of my dorm room window. During the next two mornings, campus was draped in fog and rain. As the campus was clear

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Canadian University College renamed

Canadian University College in Alberta (until 1997 known as Canadian Union College) received university status in July 2014 and was renamed Burman University in December of 2014. The university is named after Charles A. and Leona Burman the husband and w

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China Foreign Affairs University Partners Up with Institutions Overseas

China Foreign Affairs University offers an International Partnership Program (IPP) in conjunction with University of Alberta, Canada. Students receive an English-language document confirming completion of courses in the said program. IPP is not listed in

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