Institution Renamed: Hong Kong Institute of Education

In January 2016, the Hong Kong Institute of Education changed its name to The Education University of Hong Kong.

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Unrecognized Institution: Wisconsin International University (WIU) in other countries

Previously known as Concordia International University (CIU), a private institution established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA in 1992, renamed Wisconsin International University (WIU) in 1995, renamed Worldwide International University (WIU) in 2010. The

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Potential New Signatories of Washington Accord

The Washington Accord is an International Agreement among bodies responsible for accreditation of undergraduate engineering programs to reciprocally recognize qualifications from the signatory countries. The Accord (maintained by the International Engine

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Early Admission Scheme at Hong Kong Universities

Early Admission Scheme (EAS) was offered by major Hong Kong universities between 2002/03 and 2010/11. Students with the highest scores on the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examinations (HKCEE) (fifth year of secondary school) could compete for unive

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Publications: Comparative Education: The Construction of a Field

"Comparative Education: The Construction of a Field". Manzon, Maria. 2011. A historical overview of the development of comparative education as an academic field of study. [Comparative Education Research Centre. The University of Hong Kong. ISBN 978-988-

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