World Maritime University newly recognized by the Swedish Ministry of Education and Research

The World Maritime University (WMU) located in Malmö, Sweden was officially recognized as a degree-granting institution by the Swedish Ministry of Education and Research earlier this year. WMU was established in 1983 by the International Maritime Organiz

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European Commission issues call for joint European degree label

As part of an Erasmus+ initiative to promote transnational partnerships between higher education institutions in Europe, the European Commission is preparing to develop a pilot program for a joint European degree label. In the Erasmus+ press release, the

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Stockholms University Online Verification (Sweden)

Stockholms University recently introduced an online verification system. See You will need the civic registration number and verification code found on the bottom of the transcript (or given to you by the

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Unrecognized Institution: Axelsons Gymnastiska Institut (Sweden)

Axelsons Gymnastiska Institut, a private institution founded in 1962, is not a recognized degree-granting institution in Sweden. Axelsons offers complementary and alternative medicine programs, primarily focusing on massage therapy.

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Science Foundation Year at Swedish Universities

Several universities throughout Sweden offer a one-year (60-credit) preparatory program for students whose secondary school credentials lack proper content needed for admission to science-based university programs. Naturvetenskapligt basår (also known as

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