White Paper - The Changing Landscape of Accreditation: Guide to Secondary-School Recognition in the United States

Accreditation in the United States has been and remains an integral aspect of the education system in the United States. Accreditation functions as the independent quality assurance mechanism to regulate elementary education through higher education inst

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Renamed Accreditor: AdvancED

In November 2018, AdvancED, which accredits schools for pre-K through grade 12 in the United States and other countries, merged with Measured Progress, which develops and supports assessment programs for schools. In August 2019, the combined organization

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NCHE issues press release on registration and accreditation of institutions and programs (Malawi)

The National Council for Higher Education issued a list of decisions regarding registration and accreditation of private institutions and programs. It reminded also that private institutions need to undergo the registration and accreditation process in o

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Slovak Accreditation Agency for Higher Education established (Slovakia)

The Slovak Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (Slovenská akreditačná agentúra pre vysoké školstvo) was established by government act in November 2018. It will carry out external quality assurance for higher education in Slovakia.  The standards of

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ASCAL replaces APAAL as the higher education quality assurance authority in Albania

The previous higher education quality assurance recognition authority in Albania, Agjencia Publike e Akreditimit të Arsimit të Lartë (APAAL), was reorganized and has since been replaced by Agjencia e Sigurimit të Cilësisë në Arsimin e Lartë (ASCAL) per M

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