Tallin University revokes degree due to plagiarized thesis (Estonia)

Tallin University Academic Committee voted to revoke the bachelor's degree of an Estonian politician, Rainer Vakra, upon establishing that his thesis was largely plagiarized. According to administrative practices at Estonian universities, graduates are a

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An Evaluator’s Chat with the High School Journalists Who Unmasked a Fake Ph.D.

The large, decorative script reads “Corllins University has conferred on Amy Lynne Robertson the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in English (Magna Cum Laude) and all the rights and privileges thereunto appertaining.” Dr. Robertson has, on paper, an ideal

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Fake Chinese Universities Exposed

A Chinese university information website, sdaxue.com, exposed a number of fake institutions in China via its searchable database. The consolidated list below provides a quick overview of where these unrecognized entities claim to be located, with Beijing

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Confirmed Falsified Document (Armenia)

This diploma of Bachelor was confirmed fraudulent by the Armenian State University of Economics.  Reasons for concern included the following:   format of the diploma was characteristic of pre-2010 diplomas,  the color was off,  UV security features were

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KNEC Board Dissolved Over Exam Leakage (Kenya)

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) board has been dissolved in light of accusations of exam papers being leaked to the public by KNEC officials. Over 5000 exam results for the Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Educaction (KCSE) have been cancel

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