Our best advice for verifying credentials

We’ve written several blogs about our recommendations for verification. As we end this series, we’ve rounded up our best tips and tricks with the mnemonic “VERIFIED":

                                                                  Audit, Report, Verification, Magnifier

 Verify document online 

Many countries and institutions provide opportunities for verifying qualifications online. This blog provides tips on what to keep in mind when using online verification resources:

Establish your documentation requirements 

Fraud detection is a challenge. Fraud prevention, however, may lessen the challenge. Read this blog for tips on developing your documentation requirement policies:

Research the institution status 

Check out our 2-part blog on institution recognition:

Inspect the envelope 

In this blog we talk about the importance of paying attention to the little things, like the envelope the documents arrive in:

Focus on document forensic features 

In the race to prevent document forgeries, forensic features are constantly evolving. This blog offers tips on what to look for:

Investigate for red flags and discrepancies  

Looking for suggestions on how to spot forgeries more efficiently?  Check out this blog for our best advice on recognizing red flags:

Extend request for verification to issuing institution  

We offer practical tools for both writing and sending a verification letter in this blog:

Dedicate resources to professional development for evaluation staff

As we learned in this blog, an evaluator is only as good as their training:

                                                                                  Checklist, Action, Check, List   

We hope you have enjoyed reading this series as much as we have enjoyed writing it.  May we all be equipped with the tools required to be credential detectives!

Majka Drewitz is a Research and Evaluator Supervisor and Senior Evaluator. She has been with ECE since 1999. Majka authored ECE Insights: Evaluation Tools for Russian Credentials and co-authored the third volume of ECE’s Education in the Commonwealth Caribbean series. She is a frequent trainer for the EAIE Academy. 



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