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Poland Integrated System of Information on Science and Higher Education

Zintegrowany System Informacji o Nauce i Szkolnictwie Wyższym 

(Integrated System of Information on Science and Higher Education)

POL-on is the national information system on higher education in Poland. It contains a database of HEI institutions and programs. It provides information about the institution's status (e.g. active, closed etc.) and program majors. Although it indicates when the institution was established it does not provide information on its previous (if any) names. To get that information you need to review the institution history directly on its own website. Website is in Polish.

See Rejestry uczelni i instytucji naukowych (Registers of higher education and scientific institutions). Note that the search is "diacritic-sensitive", so you need to use the Polish diacritics to make it work.

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