Potential New Signatories of Washington Accord

The Washington Accord is an International Agreement among bodies responsible for accreditation of undergraduate engineering programs to reciprocally recognize qualifications from the signatory countries. The Accord (maintained by the International Engineering Alliance) was first signed in 1989 and currently has 15 signatories, including Turkey and Russia as the newest members. Six additional countries currently hold the provisional status. They are in the process of working with mentors towards obtaining the full signatory status.

Full signatories:

  • Australia - Represented by Engineers Australia (1989)
  • Canada - Represented by Engineers Canada (1989)
  • Chinese Taipei - Represented by Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (2007)
  • Hong Kong China - Represented by The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (1995)
  • Ireland - Represented by Engineers Ireland (1989)
  • Japan - Represented by Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (2005)
  • Korea - Represented by Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea (2007)
  • Malaysia - Represented by Board of Engineers Malaysia (2009)
  • New Zealand - Represented by Institution of Professional Engineers NZ (1989)
  • Russia - Represented by Association for Engineering Education of Russia (2012)
  • Singapore - Represented by Institution of Engineers Singapore (2006)
  • South Africa - Represented by Engineering Council of South Africa (1999)
  • Turkey - Represented by MUDEK (2011)
  • United Kingdom - Represented by Engineering Council UK (1989)
  • United States - Represented by Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (1989)

Provisional status members:

  • Bangladesh - Represented by Board of Accreditation for Engineering and Technical Education
  • China - Represented by China Association for Science and Technology
  • India - Represented by National Board of Accreditation
  • Pakistan - Represented by Pakistan Engineering Council
  • Philippines - Represented by Philippine Technological Council
  • Sri Lanka - Represented by Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka



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