Publications: Journal of the European Higher Education Area (2012)

"Journal of the European Higher Education Area: Policy, Practice and Institutional Engagement" [Dr. Josef Raabe Verlags-GmbH, Berlin, Stuttgart. Raabe academic publishers. ISBN 978-3-8183-0564-2. ISSN 2192-0109. 2nd Volume. 2012]: Quarterly, 133 pp.

This journal provides higher education leaders, faculty, politicians and students a helpful tool for understanding the reforms of the Bologna Process and for monitoring their development. Topics include trends and developments in teaching and learning in higher education, access to education, lifelong learning, student services as well as governance, management and funding within higher education structures, quality assurance and internationalization.

2nd Volume articles include:

  • Virtual Mobility - A Contribution to the Internationalization of Higher Education
  • Different Technologies for Different Collaborations: Adoption of Social Tools for Scientific Practice
  • University Communications as One Contribution to Improve the World
  • The Recognition of Qualifications: Legal Basis and Practical Implementation
  • Europeanisation in Action: The (re)Construction and Role of Higher Education in Post-conflict Settings
  • Bologna Process and the Business Schools

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