Publications: Journal of the European Higher Education Area (2013)

Publication: "Journal of the European Higher Education Area: Policy Practice and Institutional Engagement" [Dr. Josef Raabe Verlags-GmbH, Berlin, Stuttgart. Raabe academic publishers. ISBN 978-3-8183-0564-2. ISSN 2192-0109: Quarterly, approx.100pp each.

This journal provides higher education leaders, faculty, politicians and students a helpful tool for understanding the reforms of the Bologna Process and for monitoring their development. Topics include trends and developments in teaching and learning in higher education, access to education, lifelong learning, student services as well as governance, management and funding within higher education structures, quality assurance and internationalization.

1st Volume articles include:

  • The European Higher Education Area - Going the "Whole Nine Yards" With the Bologna Process or Charting New Territories?
  • The State of University Policy for Progress in Europe
  • Tracking Learners' and Graduates' Progression Paths (TRACKIT)
  • The Impact and Function of Accreditation in the Higher Education System
  • Good Practice in Academic Writing


2nd Volume articles include:

  • The Central Role of Learning Outcomes in the Completion of the European Higher Education Area 2013-2020
  • Developing an Institutional Framework for Supporting Supervisors of Research Students: Lessons Learned from a Unique Inter-institutional Project in Ireland
  • Job (in)Satisfaction among Academics in Portuguese Higher Education Institutions
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Programme and EU's Strategy on Higher Education Cooperation with China - Lessons from the MARIHE Programme
  • Programmes for Development Cooperation in Higher Education and Research: A Comparison of Selected European Countries


3rd Volume articles include:

  • Russian Higher Education Reforms and the Bologna Process
  • Bologna Process as a Factor of Transformation of Russian Higher Education Reform
  • The Place of the Bologna Process in the Russian Higher Education Reform
  • Kazakhstan in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)
  • Competing Scenarios for Internationalisation of Higher Education in Kazakhstan
  • Academic Dishonesty and Quality Assurance in Armenia
  • Challenges of Transition
  • The Role of the State in the Higher Education Reforms in the Caucasus: Corruption, Coercion, and Strife for EHEA Standards

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