Resist the temptation to become numb to the challenges of these times

At ECE, like you, we are following developments in Afghanistan and Haiti. We know that higher education institutions, government entities, and private organizations all make a difference in the lives of those impacted by harsh natural disasters and human-caused calamities.

ECE is taking immediate steps to support its allies in international education and refugee resettlement. We are in communication with participants of the ECE® Aid program who are planning to assist refugees with further education and employment opportunities. ECE will begin by donating 25 fee waivers through our ECE® Aid participants to newly displaced Afghan refugees. These fee waivers will be funded directly by ECE. A senior evaluator who conducted research in Afghanistan will also provide first-hand information to put the current situation in context. Additionally, our research staff are updating and sharing our resources on Afghanistan and Haiti so educational institutions can serve displaced people more effectively.

We encourage everyone to resist the temptation to become numb to the challenges of these times.  What area of expertise can you share to assist? How can we help you as your institution places students or helps refugees find employment? Let’s show our global brothers and sisters they are not alone.

Margit Schatzman has been involved in international admissions and credential evaluation for over 30 years. She began at ECE in 1983 as an Evaluator. In 1985 she became Vice President. She has been president of ECE since January 1, 2007. She is a frequent speaker at U.S. and international conferences on topics such as credential evaluation principles and methods, and falsified and altered documents.



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