The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Its Educational System and Methods of Evaluation

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by Margaret L. Wenger, 2012

Many US universities have seen a dramatic influx of students from Saudi Arabia. However, resources concerning the Saudi educational system have not kept up with recent changes in the realms of upper secondary education, post-secondary technical and vocational education, higher education for women, the reorganization of colleges under university authority, and accreditation and quality assurance in the tertiary sector, amongst others. This in-depth publication is intended to focus on changes that have occurred in the past decade or so.

The thousands of students educated in Saudi Arabia wishing to further their education in other countries deserve to have their educational accomplishments understood and fairly assessed. To assist with this undertaking, we have included many annotated sample credentials and detailed descriptions of academic programs.

The appendix to this book, the Arabic Reading Guide and Selected Glossary of Educational Terms, offers a quick reference for verifying English translations of Saudi Arabian documents.

Arabic terms for academic credentials are also provided within the text.

Credential Indices are included throughout the publication to suggest United States equivalents for many of the credentials awarded in Saudi Arabia. These equivalents reflect the judgment of Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. based on in-depth research and applied comparative education principles.

96 pages.

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