e-learning: The Educational System of Saudi Arabia

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Includes guest speaker Hanin Kamal, Educaiton USA Advisor.

Margaret Wenger, Director of Evaluation Methodology and author of the ECE volume, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Its Educational System and Methods of Evaluation will use both lectures and practical exercises to instruct attendees about the educational system and academic credentials of Saudi Arabia for credential evaluation, admissions and placement, and recruitment needs.


  • The history, structure and reforms of Saudi Arabian secondary and tertiary education
  • Institutional recognition and degree-granting authority
  • Oversight of secondary, tertiary and vocational education
  • U.S. equivalences and institutional policies
  • Official documentation and sample educational documents
  • Guide to reading Saudi Arabian educational documents
  • Essential resources


Supplemental Materials:


This video was recorded during a previous live e-learning session (10/22/14). To register for a current, live session of e-learning, visit ECE's website.

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