e-learning: The Educational System of Vietnam (VIDEO)

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Educational System Update & Techniques for Credential Evaluation

ECE's senior evaluator and Vietnam specialist will provide up-to-date information about the educational system of Vietnam for credential evaluation, admissions and placement, and recruitment needs.

Vietnam has seen an explosion in the number of new public and private institutions of higher education in the last ten years. This fact, compounded by the dramatic increase in students seeking places at US universities, necessitates that admissions and recruitment personnel update their knowledge on Vietnamese educational credentials.


  • Overview of the educational system
  • Understanding the meaning of national credentials, including samples
  • Public and private higher educational institutions and resources for determining institutional recognition
  • Grading scales used and conversion to the US system
  • Credits/Units/Hours and conversion to the US system
  • Sources of additional information



  • Zachary Holochwost


Supplemental Materials:


This video was recorded during a previous live e-learning session (04/29/15). To register for a current, live session of e-learning, visit www.ece.org.

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