e-learning: Educational Systems of Japan and South Korea (VIDEO)

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ECE country experts provide information about the educational system and academic credentials of Japan and South Korea for credential evaluation, admissions and placement, and recruitment needs. Sample credentials are shown and essential resources provided.

Topics include:

  • The educational systems of Japan and South Korea
  • The credentials of each country, including samples
  • Secondary education in each country
  • Tertiary education including recognition of post-secondary educational institutions in each country
  • Technical and vocational education, such as Senshu Gakko in Japan
  • The Credit Bank System of South Korea
  • Resources for each country


  • Karen Krug
  • Tanya Frolova


Supplemental Materials:


This video was recorded during a previous live e-learning session (05/20/15). To register for a current, live session of e-learning, visit www.ece.org.

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