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Study in Korea

Website is in Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese.Use this website to look up institutions in South Korea.Look under University & College in the top menu to search.Note: this website does ...

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South Korea Ministry of Education

Website is in English and Korean.This website provides detailed information about the Korean education system.  See also:Study in Korea

Presentations & Reference Guides

IQAS - International Education Guides

Website is in English.From the website:These guides explain how international education credentials compare to Alberta education credentials and standards.The guides include:Country overviewsEducation...

Training Videos

e-Learning: The Educational System of South Korea (VIDEO)

Length: 1:04Find out how to determine degree, credit, and grade equivalency for South Korea.Topics include:Overview of the educational system Upper secondary, vocational, and post-secondary ...

Presentations & Reference Guides

e-Learning: The Educational System of South Korea (PDF)

These slides were extracted from, and are intended to supplement, e-Learning: The Educational System of South Korea (VIDEO).


Academic Documentation Guidelines by Country

ECE's recommendations for obtaining official educational documents from 20 selected countries.For each country, the most common secondary school and higher educational credentials are identified,...

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