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Higher Education in Korea

Name:Higher Education in KoreaName (Korean):대학알리미URL:https://www.academyinfo.go.kr/Language(s):Korean, English, ChineseWebsite provides information regarding universities in South Korea. Utilize this ...

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Korea National Education Information System (NEIS)

Name:National Education Information System (NEIS)Name (Korean):교육행정정보시스템/敎育行政情報系统URL:https://www.neis.go.kr/Language(s):KoreanWebsite provides data and statistics regarding education in South Korea.Se...

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Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI)

Name:Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI)Name (Korean):한국교육개발원URL:https://www.kedi.re.kr/Language(s):Korean, EnglishWebsite provides news, resources, policy information, and statistics rega...

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Korean Council for University Education (KCUE)

Name:Korean Council for University Education (KCUE)Name (Korean):한국대학교육협의회 URL:http://www.kcue.or.kr/index.htmLanguage(s):Korean, EnglishThis web resource provides general information about university...

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South Korea Ministry of Education

Name:Republic of Korea Ministry of EducationName (Korean): 대한민국 교육부 URL:https://www.moe.go.kr/Language(s):Korean, EnglishThis website provides detailed information about the Korean education syst...

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Study in Korea

Name:Study in KoreaURL:http://www.studyinkorea.go.kr/Language(s):Korean, English, Chinese,  JapaneseUse this website to look up institutions in South Korea.Look under University & College in ...

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IQAS - International Education Guides

Name:IQAS - International Education GuidesURL:https://www.alberta.ca/iqas-education-guides.aspxLanguage(s):EnglishFrom the website:These guides explain how international education credentials compare ...


Academic Documentation Guidelines by Country

Title:Academic Documentation Guidelines by CountryAuthor:Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.Publisher:Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.Publication date:2015Summary:ECE's recommendations ...

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e-Learning: The Educational System of South Korea (VIDEO)

Length: 1:04Find out how to determine degree, credit, and grade equivalency for South Korea.Topics include:Overview of the educational system Upper secondary, vocational, and post-secondary ...

Presentations & Reference Guides

e-Learning: The Educational System of South Korea (PDF)

These slides were extracted from, and are intended to supplement, e-Learning: The Educational System of South Korea (VIDEO).

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