Education in the Commonwealth Caribbean, Volume I

Edited by Shelley M. Feagles, 2010Due to its length, Education in the Commonwealth Caribbean has been published in multiple volumes.Each volume in the set includes chapters that are common to the regi...


Guidebook to Education in the Commonwealth

by Commonwealth Secretariat.published by Commonwealth Secretariat, November 2012(ISBN: 9781849290845)From the publisher:Despite their inherent commonalities, there can be no "one size fits all&qu...

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St. Vincent and the Grenadines Ministry of Education

Website is in English.Use this website to look up tertiary institutions in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.Click "Post Secondary Education" in the left side menu.Click one of the following fr...

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Commonwealth Education Online

Website is in English.Use the top right drop-down box to select a particular country.From the website:About Us:Commonwealth Education Online website offers a variety of resources and important links t...

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