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Website is in English, German and French.From the website:The Eurydice network supports and facilitates European cooperation in the field of lifelong learning by providing information on education sys...


The Organisation of the Academic Year in Europe 2020/21

This is a publication from EURYDICE comparative reports on national education systems."Do you wonder how the academic calendar is structured this year, especially after covid19 hugely impacted ou...

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Educational System of the Federal Republic of Germany

A diagram of the educational system of the Federal Republic of Germany, including credential names, grading, and sample documents.

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e-learning: The Educational System of Germany (VIDEO)

Our applied comparative education research has been organized into one clear and succinct presentation to help the listener understand this complex educational system.Our Germany country expert covers...

Presentations & Reference Guides

Eurydice: The Structure of the European Education Systems Schema...

Published by Eurydice these reports include information on educational structure in Europe from pre-primary to the tertiary level.The Structure of the European Education Systems 2019/20: Schemati...

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Hochschul Kompass (Higher-Education Compass)

Website is in German and English.Use this website to look up higher education institutions in Germany. 

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Cedefop - European Centre for the Development of Vocational Trai...

Information on European countries' Vocational Education and TrainingFrom the website:Cedefop works closely with the European Commission, Member States’ governments, representatives of e...


2009 GKEN Health Workforce Education and Training Reports

Website is in English.From the website:GKEN reviewed education and training requirements for 6 health professions in several countries across North America, Europe, and Asia, to compare standards of t...

Presentations & Reference Guides

e-learning: The Educational System of Germany (PDF)

These slides were extracted from, and are intended to supplement, e-Learning: The Educational System of Germany (VIDEO).


Academic Documentation Guidelines by Country

ECE's recommendations for obtaining official educational documents from 20 selected countries.For each country, the most common secondary school and higher educational credentials are identified,...

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