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  • Evaluation Tools for Russian Credentials

    31 May 2018 / Books/Articles

    by Majka D. Drewitz, 2005This workbook-style publication was designed to offer practical assistance to international educators and credential evaluators in the understanding of educational documents w...

  • Credit Practices

    31 May 2018 / Books/Articles

    Credit Practices in the United States, and Suggestions for Determining U.S. Credit Equivalents for Credit Systems Used in Other Countriesby James S. Frey, 2003Institutions in the United States use a m...

  • e-Learning: India IV: Advanced Issues (VIDEO)

    24 Jul 2018 / Training Videos

    Length: 00:56:30Dig deeper into educational credential evaluation issues in India.Topics:Exceptions to the “rules” of Indian credential evaluationEvaluating post-graduate diplomas and...

  • The Educational System of the United Kingdom

    18 Mar 2019 / Books/Articles

    by Maureen Skinnerpublished by American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions / AACRAO, 2006(ISBN: 9781578580699)From the publisher:This addition to the AACRAO library of international p...

  • Zambia Ministry of Higher Education

    07 Jun 2019 / Web Resources

    Website is in English.Use this website to look up public and private universities and TVETs in Zambia. See also:Education in ZambiaSARUA (Southern African Regional Universities Ass...

  • Guide to Higher Education in Africa

    24 Apr 2019 / Books/Articles

    Sixth Edition, by International Association of Universities(ISBN: 978-0-230-36960-3, ISBN10: 0-230-36960-X)Published by Palgrave Macmillan, April 2013 From the publisher:"The sixth edition o...

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