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The Changing Landscape of Accreditation: Guide to Secondary-Scho...

White Paper, May 2020Accreditation in the United States has been and remains an integral aspect of the education system in the United States. Accreditation functions as the independent quality assuran...

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New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)

Website is in English.Use this website to look up qualifications and institutions in New Zealand.

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e-Learning: India II: Secondary and Technical Education (VIDEO)

Length: 01:03:59Because the majority of Indian students seek admission to graduate programs in the United States, an understanding of the country's secondary education system is often neglect...

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Romanian Bacalaureat Exam Results

Website is in Romanian. This website provides information about the Bacalaureat exam in Romania. Romanian Bacalaureat exam results also available thru this website. Only the most recent year...

Presentations & Reference Guides

e-Learning: India II: Secondary and Technical Education (PDF)

These slides were extracted from, and are intended to supplement, e-Learning: India II: Secondary and Technical Education (VIDEO).

Presentations & Reference Guides

Index of Secondary Credentials

by International Education Research Foundation (IREF) From their website:IERF is pleased to present the Index of Secondary Credentials (2010) as a handy companion to The New Country Index: M...

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