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Uganda National Council for Higher Education

Website is in English. Use this website to look up public and private recognized institutions in Uganda. Click "Institutions" in the top menu.

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Survey of ICT and Education in Africa (Volume 2) 53 Country Repo...

From http://www.infodev.org:These short reports provide general overviews of current activities and issues related to ICT use in education in individual African countries. The preliminary data present...


Guidebook to Education in the Commonwealth

by Commonwealth Secretariat.published by Commonwealth Secretariat, November 2012(ISBN: 9781849290845)From the publisher:Despite their inherent commonalities, there can be no "one size fits all&qu...


Guide to Higher Education in Africa

Sixth Edition, by International Association of Universities (ISBN: 978-0-230-36960-3, ISBN10: 0-230-36960-X) Published by Palgrave Macmillan, April 2013   From the publ...

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Commonwealth Education Online

Website is in English.Use the top right drop-down box to select a particular country.From the website:About Us:Commonwealth Education Online website offers a variety of resources and important links t...

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Association of African Universities

Website is in English and French.From the website:"The Association of African Universities (AAU) is the apex organization and forum for consultation, exchange of information and co-operation...

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African Higher Education Search Directory

Website is in English.This website is hosted and maintained by the African Studies Center at Michigan State University.This website is useful for finding contact information of tertiary instituti...

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  • Thông tin tuyển sinh

    29 May 2014 / Web Resources

    Website is in Vietnamese. Use this website to look up institutions in Vietnam. The types of institutions are listed across the top.  Click on the type to list all the institutions, or us...

  • Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training

    13 Jun 2014 / Web Resources

    Website is in Vietnamese. Use this website to look up institutions in Vietnam. The link above should take you directly to a page with a PDF of universities, colleges and vocational insti...

  • Index of Secondary Credentials

    06 Dec 2017 / Presentations & Reference Guides

    by International Education Research Foundation (IREF) From their website:IERF is pleased to present the Index of Secondary Credentials (2010) as a handy companion to The New Country Index: M...

  • e-Learning: Iran Farsi Glossary (PDF)

    03 Apr 2018 / Presentations & Reference Guides

    These slides were extracted from, and are intended to supplement, e-Learning: The Educational System of the Islamic Republic of Iran (VIDEO).

  • Nigeria Federal Ministry of Education

    29 May 2014 / Web Resources

    Website is in English. From the website: "The Federal Ministry of Education has been vested with the overall responsibility for laying down national policies and guideli...

  • Eurydice

    04 Jan 2017 / Web Resources

    Website is in English, German and French.Includes a section on Countries - Description of national education systemsFrom the website:Eurydice is a network whose task is to explain how education s...

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