The Cuba Project

A collaborative project sponsored by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO).The report is based on two field visits to Cuba, in 2018 and 2019, and published...

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Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos para la Educación, la Ci...

Website is in Spanish.From the website (translated):The Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture (OEI) is an international governmental organization for cooperation bet...

Training Videos

e-Learning: The Educational System of Cuba (VIDEO)

Length: 1:06Despite the short distance separating the United States, and the island nation of Cuba, a mere 110 miles from Key West to Havana, the two countries could not be farther apart and thei...

Presentations & Reference Guides

e-learning: The Educational System of Cuba (PDF)

These slides were extracted from, and are intended to supplement, e-Learning: The Educational System of Cuba (VIDEO).

Web Resources

CubaEduca - Portal de la Educación Cubana

Website is in Spanish.Per the website (translated):CubaEduca , a networked educational community of the National Education System.It constitutes a virtual space, as an integrating ...

Web Resources

Cuba Ministerio de Educación Superior

Website is in Spanish, but some information is available in English.Use this website to look up higher education institutions in Cuba. Navigate to Pregrado or Posgrado and the...

Web Resources

Cuba Ministerio de Educación

Website is in Spanish.Provides information about primary, secondary and technical education.See also:Cuba Ministerio de Educación Superior - for information about higher education

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