Online Verification: Secondary Education in the State of São Paulo (Brazil)

The Government of the State of São Paulo (SP) in Brazil has established a database of those who have completed secondary education (Ensino Médio) in that state since 2001:

There are two ways to search:

  • Tipo de Documento: Student's RG number (which should be on their documents)
    • Enter numbers only; do not include control digit (last digit) or state abbreviation
    • UF: Select state where document was issued (most cases will be SP)
    • If using this option, do not fill in Numero de Registro da Publicação
  • Numero de Registro da Publicação: if listed on document
    • May be called Numero Registro or Numero de Visto Confere
    • If using this option, do not fill in Tipo de Documento or UF

Note: There are still technical issues with this system, so even if no results come up, it does not necessarily mean the documents are fraudulent. 

Other states may be starting to develop similar systems.



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