Selected private higher education institutions gain final recognition in Republic of the Congo

Recognition of private higher education institutions in the Republic of the Congo is determined by the Ministry of Higher Education. First, private institutions seek the Agrément de creation d’établissement which is the permission to administratively create the institution. Second, the institution applies for the Agrément d’ouverture provisoire correspondant aux filières which is the permission to offer a fixed number of programs and to award institutional diplomas. Diplomas awarded at this stage are not recognized nationally. Third, institutions whose programs are evaluated successfully and where all the ministerial conditions are met, are granted the Agrément définitif which denotes official and definitive recognition of their diplomas at the national level. The definitive recognition status gives private institutions the right to co-award nationally recognized degrees together with the Université Marien Ngouabi

In June 2019, several institutions obtained the Agrément définitif  status:

  • Haute École Léonard de Vinci 
  • Institut Supérieur de Commerce (ISCOM) 
  • Institut Supérieur de Technologie et de Commerce (ISTC-EPP) 
  • Institut de Gestion et de Développement Économique (IGDE) 
  • Institut des Sciences et Techniques Professionnelles (ISTP) 
  • Institut d’Enseignement Professionnel Appliqué (IEPA)
  • Université Henri LOPES 
  • Université de Loango (UDL) 
  • École Africaine de Développement (EAD) 
  • École Supérieure Technique de l’Informatique et du Commerce (ESTIC-GECOM) 
  • École Supérieure de Commerce et de Gestion 
  • École Supérieure de Gestion et d'Administration des Entreprises (ESGAE)
  • École Supérieure de Technologie (EST) 
  • École Supérieure de Technologies du Littoral (EST-L) 

Further details are available in the Journal Officiel No. 26, 2019 which also lists the recognized programs of study for each of the above. 



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