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Spain Registro Estatal de Centros Docentes no Universitarios (RCD)

Name:State Registry of Non-University Teaching Centers
Name (Spanish):Registro Estatal de Centros Docentes no Universitarios (RCD)

Use this website to look up registered secondary, post-secondary, and technical education institutions in Spain, by autonomous community and province.

To look up institutions: 

  • From the map interface provided, click on the autonomous community (comunidad autónoma) where the institution is located
  • For autonomous communities sub-divided into provinces (provinicias), use the map interface on the next page to click the province (provincia) where the institution is located (this step may not be applicable since not all autonomous communities are divided into provinces)
  • On the next page, choose search criteria from the drop-down menus in the top section, or, in the bottom section, enter the institution code (código del centro) and/or enter keywords into the institution name (nombre del centro) field.
  • Then click the button "Buscar" (Search) to complete the search.
  • From the list of results, click on either the "Denominación Genérica" (Generic Name), "Denominación Específica" (Specific Name), or "Código" (Institution Code) fields to view the institution details.

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