Standard transliteration system for Ukrainian names

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has published a standardized system for transliterating Ukrainian names for people or places from their Cyrillic-based alphabet to the Latin alphabet. This system has not changed much over the years. In previous versions, you might see the soft sign (ь) represented by an apostrophe (for example, Львів = L’viv), but the current system does not transliterate it (Львів = Lviv).

This image demonstrates that the double “i” in names such as Yurii or Nataliia is not a typo, but rather represents two different Ukrainian letters. 

You can find the full chart of approved transliterations here:

The system can also be helpful for looking up Ukrainian words in an online translation tool such as Google Translate. Rather than trying to become accustomed to the layout of a Ukrainian keyboard, you can simply type the Latin equivalents of the Ukrainian letters, and the tool will suggest the appropriate Ukrainian word(s).



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