Online Verification: State databases in Mexico

As many credential evaluators know, the Secretaria de Educación Pública (SEP) of Mexico has for years maintained a Registro Nacional de Profesionistas (National Register of Professionals), where registered degrees can be looked up by either the holder's name or their cédula (professional registration) number.  

What is less well known is that a number of the state governments of Mexico also maintain databases of titles registered in their state. If you are not able to confirm a degree in the national database, it is worth checking to see whether there might be a state database in which it is registered. Terms to search for include dirección de profesiones, consulta de profesionistas registrados, validación de cédula, or other similar phrases, along with the name of the state in question. 

Some examples of state databases:

There are also unauthorized websites claiming to offer the same service (see Online verification websites not authorized by SEP), so always make sure the database in question is indeed hosted by the relevant body. Focus on domain names ending in, indicating official government sites.

As with the national database, not everyone's degree is included, only those who have registered their degree with the relevant government authority. So although finding a degree in one of these official databases confirms its authenticity, the absence of a degree from the database does not necessarily mean it is falsified. Other steps will be needed to confirm its authenticity in that case. Some verification suggestions are offered in the following:



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