Online Verification: Universidade Federal da Paraíba (Brazil)

Universidade Federal da Paraíba, a public institution, offers online verification of documents issued through its Sistema Integrado de Gestão de Atividades Acadêmicas (SIGAA) (Integrated System of Academic Activities Management). The system is used to issue a multitude of documents. For example, see the instructions below for verifying students' academic transcripts.

Before you attempt authentication, make sure that the transcript was issued through SIGAA system, i.e. SIGAA is mentioned in the letterhead.

  1. Go to SIGAA home page and select the Autenticação de Documentos service (Note: direct link provided on the transcript may be out of date. It should, however, redirect to the current site)
  2. Scroll down to the Ensino category and select Histórico
  3. Enter the following information, which is available on the student's transcript:
    1. Identificador: enter the Matrícula number
    2. Data de Emissão: use the calendar icon to enter the date of issue as listed on the transcript
    3. Código de Verificação: enter the code that appears at the bottom of each transcript page
    4. Enter the CAPTCHA number that appears on screen and select Validar Documento

Documento válido e emitido pelo SIGAA! statement should appear on screen if the document is valid. 

Select Visualizar documento to open the PDF version of the academic transcript and compare the document with its original version submitted by the student. Note: the PDF version may appear with a different date of issue, most likely the original date when the transcript was issued for the first time.




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