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Universities Handbook

34th Edition, International Edition, by Association of Indian Universities

published by Association of Indian Universities, 2018

(ISBN 81-7520-147-9)

The AIU is the only authorized publisher and distributor of this handbook.  Copies of this book sold elsewhere on the web are likely not legitimate.

From the publisher:

The 34th Edition of the Universities Handbook (2018) is a compendium which contains information of 532 Indian Universities and 09 Associate Member Universities.  As  Associate Members, the Handbook contains information on Asian University for Women, Bangladesh; Kathmandu University, Nepal; Lincoln College University, Malaysia; University of Mauritius, Mauritius; Middle East University, United Arab Emirates; Royal University of Bhutan, Bhutan; Semey State Medical University, Kazakhstan; UCSI University, Kualalampur, Malaysia; University of Technology, Mauritius.

The Handbook gives information relating to : 

  • Courses of Studies;
  • Minimum Requirements for admission to each course; 
  • Duration and the subjects of study for each course;  
  • Library and Research Facilities; 
  • Scholarship and Fellowships; Academic year –  date for admission and the approximate dates of examinations; 
  • Names of Faculties; Deans of Faculties, Names of Professors and Readers/Associate Professors with their specialization (department-wise); 
  • Staff, Officers and Name of Affiliated Constituent Colleges, Heads of Postgraduate Departments in the Colleges, etc.
  • The Handbook also includes a synopsis of the higher education system of the country and information on the structure of higher education, the categories of academic institutions, the coordinating bodies operating in the domain of higher education and other related issues.

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