Online Verification: Updated information for Ukrainian national diploma database

Most Ukrainian diplomas issued since 2000 can be verified in the register of educational documents of the Unified State Electronic Database on Education (EDEBO): This register is managed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, with technical administration by the state enterprise Inforesurs. The service is only in Ukrainian.

The following information is required:

  • Level of education (choose from drop-down):
    • Документи про вищу освіту - Documents on higher education
    • Документи про професійну (професійно-технічну) освіту - Documents on vocational (vocational-technical) education
    • Документи про загальну цередню освіту - Documents on general secondary education
  • Type of document (choose from drop-down):
    • For example: Диплом БАКАЛАВРА - BACHELOR Diploma
  • Серія - Series (letter[s] or combination of letter and numbers before diploma serial number - must match diploma whether Cyrillic or Latin letters are used)
  • Номер - Diploma serial number
  • Прізвище - Family name
  • Ім'я - Given name
  • По батькобі - Patronymic (father's name used as middle name)
    • If there is no patronymic/middle name, mark the box for Підтверджую, по батькобі відсутнє.
  • Дата народження - Date of birth in the format mm/dd/yyyy (not required in all cases)
  • Anti-spam characters shown on the page

Example of required information:

Sample of Ukrainian Bachelor's Diploma

The result includes confirmation of the following information: 

  • type of diploma (including whether it is "with honors" - з відзнакою)
  • series and diploma number
  • date of issue
  • date awarded
  • name of student
  • date of birth (if available)
  • name of institution
  • qualification awarded (including specialization, if applicable)
  • name and position of of signer

Some diplomas that may not be in the database include diplomas issued to foreign students, diplomas of retraining, and diplomas for Candidate of Science (кандидат наук) degrees.

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