Upgrading and Retraining Education in Russia

Russian education system provides professional training at three levels: basic (secondary school level), intermediate (secondary and post-secondary non-tertiary level), and higher (university level degree programs) leading to qualifications at the qualified worker, technician, and degree levels respectively. Holders of intermediate and higher professional qualifications have several options for upgrading their qualifications or for retraining towards another qualification through a nationwide network of supplementary professional education. The Register of Accredited institutions of Supplementary Professional Education of the National Accreditation Agency provides details on the following:

  • 1. Supplementary programs for higher professional education (open to university-level degree holders).
  • Supplementary programs for intermediate and higher professional education (open to technicians or university-level degree holders).
  • Supplementary programs for intermediate professional education (open to technicians).

.The duration and extent of each program defines the final credential:

  1. Certificate of Short-Term Upgrading of Qualifications - minimum 72 hours of instruction.
  2. Certificate of Upgrading of Qualifications - 100 and 500 hours of instruction.
  3. Diploma of Professional Retraining - minimum of 500 hours of instruction.
  4. Diploma of Supplementary (to Higher) Education - minimum of 1000 hours of instruction.



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