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The Wild, Wild West - The Changing Landscape of Electronic Documents (& Verification)


Meg Wenger, Senior Director of Evaluations, Educational Credential Evaluators Inc. (ECE)

Emily Tse, Director of Evaluations, International Education Research Foundation (IERF)

Event and Date:

6 October, 2020

TAICEP Annual Conference 2020


The international landscape for digital student data is a rapidly changing one; the differing formats and platforms can be confusing for those who have to receive and review credentials. The challenge can be exacerbated for international users who may not have been considered at the time of their design. An overview of the common types of platforms that exist for accessing and/or verifying transcripts is provided. For example, while some systems provide a time-restricted link to a PDF document, others require logging into a portal. While some serve solely as verification sites, others issue electronic documents that allow for instant verification through one click. Case studies from around the world and an investigation of such issues as trust of source, usability, ease of adoption/verification, and security are explored.

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