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World Higher Education Database Portal

Website is in English.

Access to the database is currently free to everyone, and provides comprehensive information on institutions all over the world.  Additional features are available to paid members.

From the website:

The IAU WHED Portal*, a service provided by the International Association of Universities (IAU), is the unique tool where you can find comprehensive information on higher education systems and credentials in 184 countries and over 18,000 higher education institutions.


Data on Systems and Credentials

Presentation of the education system based upon information provided by higher education authorities, or found on their official website or in official documentation for each country.

It comprises information on:

  • the overall structure of pre-higher and higher education systems;

  • the different stages of study;

  • the national bodies responsible for higher education;

  • the admission requirements (including for foreign students);

  • the quality assurance/recognition system;

  • student life;

  • education level and entrance requirements;

  • main credentials.


Data on Institutions

Institutions are included based upon information provided by higher education authorities or found on their official website. Questionnaires are then sent to those degree-granting institutions offering at least a post-graduate degree and/or a professional diploma in four years or more to obtain more detailed information.

It comprises information on:

  • the institution (postal address, email, website, history;

  • names of officers (Academic Head, Chief Administrative Officer, Director of International Relations);

  • divisions (faculties, colleges, departments, schools, institutes) with fields of study;

  • degrees offered (with fields of study);

  • student services and facilities, periodicals;

  • student and academic staff numbers.



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